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Of a silence that speaks so much louder than words

of promises broken

if worms had daggers, birds wouldn't fuck with 'em
You make me walk blindly right out of my comforthood

'60s culture, a perfect circle, aaron north, alice in chains, all the pretty horses, art, atticus ross, awolnation, band shirts, bloodrayne, blue scholars, blues guitar, body mods, bookstores, boston legal, brand new, breaking bad, breyer model horses, brokeback mountain, building amps, cage the elephant, canon cameras, catcher in the rye, cemeteries, chris randall, cirque du freak, classic rock, coconut records, coil, computers, concerts, cradle of filth, daft punk, dan bern, darren shan, demonata, demons, dire straits, dobermans, dogs, drag queens, eric clapton, ferrets, fox terriers, ginger snaps, god lives underwater, goldfish, goon moon, graphic design, guitars, hadouken!, harold & maude, hip hop, horror movies, horseback riding, how to destroy angels, illusions, industrial, input, iron & wine, iron maiden, jack white, jason schwartzman, jeffree star, jeordie white/twiggy ramirez, jimi hendrix, jj cale, john 5, john gorka, john irving, john mayall, justin townes earle, katharine isabelle, korn, lamb of god, leathermouth, les pauls, madonna, marilyn manson, massive attack, maynard james keenan, metal, mindless self indulgence, motorcycles, muse, music stores, my chemical romance, neil young, nihilism, nine inch nails, old cars, otep, pantera, philip k. dick, photography, piercings, pigface, pit bulls, placebo, pretty lights, punk rock, puscifer, radiohead, richard bach, rob zombie, robin finck, rock music, ronald jenkees, sadistik, sarcasm, satanism, seether, sister machine gun, skateboarding, skrillex, sparklehorse, sportbikes, steve earle, stevie ray vaughan, synthesizers, t-bone burnett, tattoos, the acacia strain, the bravery, the darjeeling limited, the glitch mob, the hotel new hampshire, the icarus line, the messiah's handbook, the raconteurs, the sims 2, todd snider, tom waits, tool, traveling, trent reznor, tube amplifiers, unnatural hair colors, uriah heep, vampires, venus demars, video games, vinyl, warren zevon, werewolves, winds of plague, witchcraft, writing, zakk wylde, zz top